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Research and Renewal

Rather than focusing solely on what I had been doing for the past several years, I changed my focus to renewal. I spent time acquiring new techniques in photography and digital image manipulation. I also took the opportunity, while traveling extensively, to sample new art forms, schools and approaches.



Costa Rica gave me a good opportunity to reacquaint myself with trees and nature. In Switzerland I took the time to appreciate the grandeur and richness of rocks.

All of this fuelling me on to my next endeavour which is to prepare a series of composites of nature photographs enhanced through digital manipulation and merged with my collage background.

I will be putting it all together in a photo exhibit, time and location to be determined. In the meanwhile take a look at the new Photo Gallery!

The Florida sunshine has the effect of getting you in gear for new adventures!

My new adventure was to turn into reality the idea of making a book showing my artwork and explaining what inspires me, and how I do it. So, a week after arriving at our “winter” destination, I rolled up my sleeves, sat down at the computer, and spent many grinding days writing, rewriting, aranging, rearranging, choosing colours and layouts, and then changing the layout and the colours, and so on… Not an easy task!

Finally, it was all done to satisfaction and sent to the printer. A week later, I received the first print of the book: “Inspired by Nature” by Judith Rostenne, a great looking glossy, beautifully printed photo book, which adorns mine, and I am proud to say, several other coffee tables.

Click here to order a copy of “Inspired by Nature”