A critique

This is what John Crowther, Art Critic at Altamira, had to say about “Metamorphosis”

Told in rich earthy tones, Judith Rostenne’s Metamorphosis is a beautiful work on paper that recalls topography. There is something prehistoric about the comingling of the kaleidoscopic yet subdued hues. Try as I might, I cannot list its many colors, they bleed into each other and are too enigmatic for verbal description. Organic and other worldly, the thick applications of paint remind one of tectonic shifts and the earth’s slow yet inevitable metamorphosis. Every inch of the paper is covered in thick impasto and passages of color that defy description. Had Rostenne indulged in a brighter acrylic palette, the painting would overwhelm the viewer, but the subdued hues draw the viewer into their mysterious embrace instead of repelling them with an overly saturated assault of color.