Corrid’art made the paper!

IMG_0897(Following up on Mosaiculture) It was very hot, 38ºC! Luckily I had asked to work under a tent with two other artists, so at least we had shade, contrary to the other artists who were working in the open, under the sun (from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, not counting the time setting up and taking down…) We were supposed to be there for three days, but on Sunday, the forecast was of rain, so they cancelled that day. During Saturday and Monday, ten thousand people went through Mosaiculture. A lot of people stopped at our spot to see our work. They were all very curious about my collage technique and most of my time was spent explaining how I do the collages. People were very impressed and found the art beautiful. We had good coverage from the press, including this article (in French) in Le Droit.

We were next to the magnificent Chinese dragons sculpture which included the bonus of listening to the same Chinese song for two full days…

If the article goes missing, a PDF copy is archived here: Peindre au milieu des sculptures | Arts visuels | Arts | Le Droit – Gatineau, Ottawa